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Posted by on Aug 12, 2014 in News From the Net | 0 comments

REPOST: SAT Subject Tests and College Board

We saw this on the internet and thought we would share it with you:  The Ivy Coach found that the College Board is overstating the number of schools who “Require” the SAT Subject Tests.  In reality you can send your SAT Subject tests to any school – so saying that a school “accepts” SAT Subject Tests is not the same as saying a school “requires” the SAT Subject Tests.  Check out the highlights of the article below – Enjoy

You can find the original article here.

SAT Subject Tests and College Board | August 10


While perusing the College Board’s website, we came across a list of institutions that the College Board claims to use SAT Subject Tests. We have to say…the list is bogus. Any institution can “use” SAT Subject Tests…even community colleges. What are they not going to admit you because you submitted your perfect or near-perfect SAT Subject Test scores? Not going to happen. The fact is that the list is misleading because schools like Gordon College, Henderson State University, and Cheyney University of Pennsylvania to name just a few certainly don’t require that their applicants complete SAT Subject Tests. These aren’t exactly among the most highly selective colleges in America. If you’ve even heard of these institutions, we’d give you points.

The vast majority of highly selective colleges on the other hand either require or recommend that you submit SAT Subject Test scores. Some institutions require three. Some require two. Some recommend two. You get the idea. We strongly recommend that our students take SAT Subject Tests and we urge them to prep so that they excel on these exams. Even if it’s not required, submitting high Subject Test scores will only help your case for admission to a highly selective college.

So if you’re applying to Henderson State University, know that you can gain admission without SAT Subject Test scores. But if you’re hoping to go to Georgetown University, you’ll need three good Subject Test results! So start prepping if you haven’t done so already. If you’re a rising high school senior, time is of the essence to get these scores up before you apply for admission.


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